Dr. John Won, M.D.

Dr. John Won, M.D. is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon serving patients since 2000 at offices in Raleigh, NC. Dr. Won treats a variety of issues relating to the mouth, teeth, and facial regions. Dr. Won practices oral and maxillofacial surgery with expertise ranging from dental implant surgery and wisdom tooth removal to corrective jaw surgery.

Dr. Won and his team in Raleigh strive to deliver a stellar patient experience each and every day. Whether a patient is seeking a no-fee consultation to the full range of dental implant and bone grafting procedures utilizing cutting edge technology. Dr. John Won and his staff deliver a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery to their patients each and every day. Dr. Won’s expertise ranges from reconstructive jaw surgery to wisdom teeth removal.

Dr. Won’s team in Raleigh is always going the extra mile to ensure the best patient experience. That includes quick appointment scheduling, no long waits to see Dr. Won in the Raleigh office and providing their patients with the best dental health in the industry. Dr. Won and his team know that oral surgery can be a daunting and scary proposition. Dr. Won’s goal is to ensure every patient understands his recommendations and is available to answer any and every question or concern a patient might have.

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Dr. John Won’s Staff

Dr. John Won and his team in the Raleigh office specialize in providing exceptional care in the treatment of a wide variety of issues relating to the mouth, teeth, and facial regions.

Dr. John Won’s Education

Dr. Won has earned doctorate degrees in dentistry as well as medical allowing him to treat a wide array of procedures for his patients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and the required training needed for doctors to specialize in this practice.

Dr. John Won and his team are committed to providing exceptional care in the treatment of a wide variety of issues relating to the mouth, teeth, and facial regions.

Dr. John Won Procedures


There are a number of possible causes of facial trauma such as motor vehicle accidents, accidental falls, sports injuries, and work-related injuries, etc. Facial injuries can range from injuries to the teeth to extremely severe injuries of the skin and bones of the face.


Corrective jaw surgery also called orthognathic surgery is a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Won to correct problems with the form and function of the jaw. Correcting major jaw problems requires consultation with both a facial plastic reconstructive surgeon and an orthodontist, who can help correct problems with the teeth.


Some patients require minor oral surgical procedures before receiving a partial or complete denture, in order to ensure the maximum level of comfort. A denture sits on the bone ridge, so it is very important that the bone is the proper shape and size.


Distraction Osteogenesis (DO) is the surgical technique in which new bone formation is stimulated by the gradual separation of bony segments after an osteotomy. Distraction procedures for the facial skeleton are relatively new, being first reported in the English literature in 1992.


Botox treatment is one of the most popular injectable cosmetic treatments that temporarily smoothes moderate to severe lines around the eyes, brows, neck, and forehead.


A benign tumor is a tumor that lacks all three of the malignant  properties of cancer. A benign tumor exerts pressure on neighboring structures, resulting in the displacement of teeth.