Benign Tumor Removal of Jaw

A benign tumor is a tumor that lacks all three of the malignant  properties of cancer. A benign tumor exerts pressure on neighboring structures, resulting in the displacement of teeth. Maxillofacial surgery for a benign tumor can be recommended in several scenarios. Through routine dental care, a dentist may discover a cyst or tumor on a patient’s gums, jaw, mouth cavity, tongue, cheek, or lip. In other situations, abnormalities are visible through routine x-rays. In some cases, patients report to their dentist that they see or feel something unusual or that they are experiencing pain.

After the proper diagnostic tests are complete, Dr. Won and team can develop a treatment plan to restore the patient’s oral health. The longer an oral tumor exists, the higher the probability that the patient will experience negative health consequences, the more likely the patient will experience discomfort and the greater the risk for damage to surrounding structures and organs.

In some cases, oral tumors are treated with a straightforward oral surgery, similar to an impacted tooth extraction. Rarer, tumors may require a broader excision of the tumor, including an area of margin, to ensure long-term success. Whatever surgery is necessary, the job of Dr. Won is to successfully remove the problematic lesion while ensuring minimal discomfort through the use of local or general anesthesia as appropriate.